Closer to your customers
Complete contact with your colleagues
Competitive call costs

Pro Pal Voice is an advanced office telephony system with competitive call costs and sophisticated features.

Pro Pal Voice is unique in offing integrations with your systems. It allows you to click to call from the contact record and it brings up the contact record for incoming calls automatically.

Furthermore it records all your calls and stores them in the contact record for ready retrieval, saving you time typing notes, allowing you to ensure quality and protecting you against disputes.

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Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Professionally recorded voice message included. Route calls to the relevant department without taking up a receptionist’s time. Ensure your calls are answered swiftly, include announcements and marketing messages while on hold.

Pro Pal Integration

Pro Pal Integration

Call customers direct from their contact in Pro Pal with one click. Detects incoming callers and automatically brings up their contact record, saving time and providing a more immediate and responsive customer experience.

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Call Recording

Automatically record calls and save them into the customer contact in Pro Pal, creating an easily navigable history of conversations. Saves time typing up notes, ensures your quality of service and protects you against disputes.

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Intelligent Call Routing

Put calls through to a hunt group of people who can deal with that enquiry. If the line called is busy, the call goes to the next available landline or mobile in the group. Calls can easily be rerouted out of hours and to offsite workers.

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Lower cost than your existing provider

Our sophisticated systems and more efficient approach enable a service that is more feature rich, at a lower cost than legacy providers.

C30 Executive Handset

Free of charge with every connection

Advanced, easy to use handset with digital voice quality and a colour, backlit display. Displays your colleagues’ lines so you can instantly see if they are currently on a call.

Dedicated keys to quickly pick up a colleague’s line if they are away from their desk along with many more features such as caller ID, Call logging, redial and hold, speakerphone, headset compatibility and call waiting notification.

Closer to your customers

  • Dial customers direct from their contact record in Pro Pal with one click.
  • Automatically detect incoming callers and bring up their contact record in Pro Pal for an immediate, personal response.
  • Automatically record calls and save them into a call history on the customer’s contact in Pro Pal.
  • Clear, digital call quality on a network designed for voice.
  • Auto attendant with professionally recorded voice message and interactive response.
  • Call queues with hold music and customisable messages for announcements and marketing to continue communicating your message, even on hold.
  • System resilience with automatic rerouting ensure you are available to your customers and able to meet SLAs no matter what.

Complete contact with your colleagues

• Intelligent call routing whether you are at the office, home office or on the road.
• Conference call bridge, seamlessly add someone to the call, on landline or mobile, wherever they are.
• Hunt groups to put the caller through to whoever is available from the right group of employees, regardless of their location.
• Voicemail and voicemail to email ensure you never miss a message.
• Video webmeetings enhance collaboration, enabling you to share your PC screen or show a site to colleagues when out of the office.
• Call reporting for analysis, monitoring and improvement, track metrics such as time to answer, call duration and availability.
• Call recording to check your interactions with customers are professional and protect you against disputes.

Competitive call costs

• Replaces analog or ISDN phone lines, eliminating their cost.
• Clear billing, we don’t prevent you comparing us with our competitors with complex, confusing invoices.
• Feature rich from the outset. We don’t parcel our functionality into additional cost bolt-ons.
• More cost effective than legacy providers, with many more features.

Pro Pal Integration

Pro Pal Integration

Pro Pal Voice brings your calls into the fold with all your other data in Pro Pal. Automatic call recording removes the need to disengage from the customer by typing notes during the call or spend extra time typing them up after the call. An exact recording is less error prone than typed notes and enables you to ensure your quality of service and protect you against disputes.

Pro Pal Voice allows you to call customers direct from their contact record in Pro Pal. It also automatically detects incoming callers and brings up their contact record in Pro Pal. These small time savings on often repeated tasks add up to a significant improvement in efficiency, as well as making your customer experience more immediate and responsive. “Good morning Mrs. Jones, how may we help?”

Auto Attendant

Resilient Network and Backbone

Our network is built for uptime and resilience. If you have a problem with the internet connectivity at your site, our intelligent platform sees this fail and automatically routes calls to mobile numbers or outside numbers to ensure you never miss a call.

Pro Pal Integration

Sophisticated call reporting

Our CloudAnalytics service provides in-depth call reporting and data export. All reports can be in a statistical format, pie chart or graph, all clickable to drill down on the information required.


Live information wallboards

Display live activity such as inbound, outbound and internal calls, as well as total concurrent calls. Monitor all calls or per user. Users can score the call to highlight an appointment booked or a sale made.

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Simple web interface

Our online portal allows you to view your telephone setup, and easily divert calls, access information such as voicemail, call recordings and view live call information for performance monitoring.

Your calls recorded and integrated with your systems at a lower cost.


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