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How Pro Pal Can Help You

Pro Pal comes in two flavours – a rugged 5 inch handheld computer  or a 7 inch rugged tablet. The mobile workforce management software is loaded onto the mobile devices for use by field workers and is also accessible by office admin staff using a PC and a secure internet connection.
With Pro Pal you have a complete mobile workforce management solution to help your business run more efficiently without the need to spend time on separate administration tasks such as invoicing, checking paperwork, checking statutory compliance and even down to the nitty gritty such as making sure vehicles have enough fuel in the tank and are up to VOSA standards. For a small business, micro managing your workers can be extremely time consuming yet an automated mobile solution can remove the need for this completely, freeing up business owners to concentrate on the task of running their business.
Pro Pal has the following features:

Increase Productivity

Pro Pal removes the need for paper job sheets which means there is no need for workers to keep coming back to the office to pick up new jobs and drop off completed ones. This has a positive effect on their productivity.

Reduce Admin

Because our software takes full care of all job creation, job management and job completion tasks there is less of a strain on the company administration team. Add to this the 1-click invoicing feature and you can see quickly the time and cost savings that an automated mobile workforce solution can give you.

Statutory Compliance

For many businesses, legal and statutory compliance can be an administrative nightmare. Pro Pal software offers the following as a standard part of the solution:
VOSA compliance – with Pro Pal you can perform a series of vehicle checks at the beginning of a working day by answering a series of multiple choice questions that are fully customisable
HSE compliance – Health and Safety compliance is easily managed and Pro Pal allows workers to take photographic evidence of any Health and Safety issues relating to a particular job. For instance, if a worker cannot get access to a site or there is a trip hazard preventing them from completing a job then this can be reported visually and sent back to the office in real time.
ISO 9001 compliance – Pro Pal includes a hardware and software solution that is fully compliant with ISO 9001 accreditation standards
Lone Worker regulatory compliance – One of the benefits of Pro Pal is that the lone worker is in constant communication with the office via the rugged handheld computer they carry from job to job. Additionally, the software features a tracking and satellite navigation system so the office can identify exactly where a worker is at any time.

Real Time Workforce Management

Pro Pal’s built in SatNav system helps to reduce distance(s) travelled to a job – saving you time and fuel.
Real time job status – workers can update the progress of a job in real time and any changes in status are then fed through to the office based software system.
Rugged waterproof handheld computer survives hostile environment – our rugged handheld computers are designed to withstand temperatures up to -10c and can also survive being submerged in water for up to ten seconds.
Photographic proof of job completion – in the event of a job being disputed or (as mentioned above) if there is an issue with gaining access to a job site or evidence of a hazard then the built in camera function of the rugged handheld computer can record this.

Save Time & Money

We help you save on fuel costs as our software mapping tool shows you the quickest route to the location of a job.
Improve cash flow as less time is spent on administrative tasks.
Improve mobile worker productivity as they are able to spend more time on the road and complete jobs faster.
Improve back office admin productivity – our software includes a full job management suite making it easier and quicker to manage new and existing jobs.

Simple & Flexible

Fixed cost per user per month
No setup fee
No minimum contract term – you can keep the solution for 1 month or the lifetime of your business. It’s up to you.
No hidden costs
Free next day swap out – In the unlikely event that the rugged handheld computer breaks down or is damaged we will send you a replacement the next working day free of charge.
Lifetime after sales support – Email / Telephone / Web Meeting based support
Rugged handheld computer included in cost
Designed for use by non technical mobile workers – you don’t need to be an IT wizard to use our solution. It is a simple, easy to understand solution.
Easy integration with existing systems – Whether your system is Sage, Salesforce or even a bespoke system, we can design an API to suit you.

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