Property Management and Construction

How Pro Pal Can Help You

Pro Pal is a flexible enough mobile workforce solution that it can be used by many different industries with very unique requirements and regulations. The property management market is no exception and is an industry where efficiency and process automation are important aspects when it comes to helping your business run as smoothly as possible.

Find out below more details on how Pro Pal can benefit your business:

Job Allocation & Completion

From one-off responsive maintenance jobs to multiple sub-jobs within a project; Pro Pal can handle it all via our rugged tablets, giving you live visibility of job/project progress back in the office. You can require as much or as little detail as you need, including photographing the job site and recording any parts used.

Instant Invoicing

All information related the job is already recorded as part of Pro Pal's workflows, meaning you don't have to collect and collate before you can invoice. Our one click invoicing allows you invoice the moment the work is complete, improving your cashflow.

Construction Industry Specific Functionality

Pro Pal natively supports construction industry specific needs such as cost tracking, cost control, retention and CIS.

No Setup Fee Or Minimum Term

There is no commitment required to use Pro Pal. You can try Pro Pal for a month, two months or a year or more. If you don’t like it and feel like it won’t benefit your business then just hand the equipment back to us.

Integration Friendly

Pro Pal works well with your back office systems – whether they are bespoke and unique to your business or an off-the-shelf solution such as SAGE. We are happy to provide you with a customised solution that means there is seamless integration and minimum interruption to your business processes.

Hardware Included In The Cost

Pro Pal represents good value for money as the solution is not just software based. Our solution includes a rugged handheld computer which is designed to withstand rain temperatures down to -10c as well as the day to day knocks of a tough environment. In the unlikely event that the handset is damaged, we offer a one day swap out completely free of charge.

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