Facilities Management

How Pro Pal Can Help You

For those businesses for whom quality control and asset management is an integral part of what they do, reducing the administrative load and making things easier for their field workers goes a long way to helping their business succeed. Why not take a look at the benefits a mobile workforce solution can bring to your business.

How Pro Pal can help facilities management companies:

Statutory Compliance

Pro Pal’s software solution includes built in statutory compliance in the form of ISO 2001 accreditation for remote working as well as a VOSA compliant vehicle check list which can be turned on and off and edited at the company’s discretion.

Integration Friendly

Pro Pal works exceptionally well with back office systems and CRMs. Whether you are using a standard off-the-shelf solution such as SAGE or something more bespoke, we can help integrate Pro Pal and drive up your productivity.

Satellite Navigation

With an inbuilt GPS tracking and satellite navigation system, Pro Pal can tell you where any one of your workers are at any given time. The rugged handheld computer they carry will send a signal back to the office giving a real time update as to their whereabouts. This can greatly aid staff in giving accurate updates to customers and also protect lone workers out in the field.

No Setup Fee Or Minimum Term

There is no commitment required to use Pro Pal. You can try Pro Pal for a month, two months or a year or more. If you don’t like it and feel like it won’t benefit your business then just hand the equipment back to us.

No Hidden Costs

Pro Pal has no hidden costs at all, no setup fees, no cancellation fees, just a simple monthly subscription. There is no limit to the amount of users that can use the solution but each additional user attracts a fee.

Hardware Included In The Cost

You get a lot for your money with Pro Pal. This includes a rugged handheld computer as well as the Pro Pal software solution. The rugged handheld device is designed to withstand temperatures up to -10c.

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