How Pro Pal Can Help You

Pro Pal is designed to make life as easy as possible for electricians. Moving from job to job in the course of a day and trying to find customer addresses is a time consuming activity in itself but a mobile workforce solution can make life a lot simpler allowing you to just get on with your job. We have highlighted below the benefits of Pro Pal for electricians out in the field:

Simple Job Management

Pro Pal is designed with simplicity in mind and jobs can be created and logged on to the office software with ease. You can add notes to each job as well which will appear on your electricians rugged handheld computer. They have the option to amend and update the job accordingly or mark it complete. All data is synchronised immediately between the handheld computer and office PC.

Built In GPS Tracking

If one of your workers happens to get lost trying to find a customer’s address then Pro Pal’s inbuilt satellite navigation features allow you to easily find the job location and the quickest route to get there. As well as making your workers more efficient, this allows for accurate updating when it comes to letting customer’s know a likely completion time for a job.

Electrical Safety Certificates

Electricians will no longer have to spend time filling in tedious paperwork as they can be created directly in Pro Pal in Acrobat PDF format and emailed directly to the customer saving time and expense.

Record Parts Used

If you need to order parts for a job then Pro Pal allows you to make note of the part number, write a description and record the cost. This data then becomes an integral part of the job itself and is stored securely for later reference.

Save Time & Money

Pro Pal cuts down enormously on administration costs for your back office staff as well as saving your mobile workers valuable time logging and recording jobs. There is no need to hunt down elusive pieces of paperwork from missing jobs as a record of every job is automatically stored securely and immediately accessible and data is regularly backed up.

Save Fuel

By using Pro Pal’s built in gps sat nav system your workers can find the quickest, most fuel efficient route to a job. Also, there is no need for workers to return to the office to pick up and drop off job sheets which results in a fuel and cost saving. Additionally, Pro Pal allows you to record mileage used in the working day at the beginning and end of the day to accurately calculate the total cost of a job.

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