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How Pro Pal Can Help You

Do you spend a large part of your day juggling schedules, stock, sick cover, staff with varying skill sets and clients with varying needs?

Pro Pal will free you from the grind and enable you to focus on making creative improvements to your business.

Keep reading to see a few benefits of Pro Pal:

Clock-on & Timesheets

Location and time stamped clock-on from the Pro Pal device is quick, convenient, takes no time to administer and maintains mutual trust between supervisors and staff.

Job sheets & Checklists

Ensure and demonstrate that the right actions are carried out, in the correct order using the right materials.
Custom workflows reduce staff training time and ensure that staff aware of proper process, even on jobs they don’t normally do, e.g. sick cover.

Integrated Photo Capture

Photos can be captured in seconds right from the tablet, with location and time stamps. Enabling you to prove the quality of your work, reduce disputes and automatically incorporate photos into your client reports.

Scheduling & Sick Cover

Meet your clients varied needs and improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff via highly customisable scheduling.
Filter staff by skillset, location and assets held. Create reoccurring jobs over the course of a contract or alter schedules in real time to meet client or sick cover needs as they arise.

Vehicle Checks

Select mandatory vehicle checks, signed off by the employee at the start of each day ensure you are DVSA (VOSA) compliant.

Stock & Asset Control

Manage stock so efficiently that it’s worthwhile to track even the smallest items, all the way down to the level of one van or employee. Reduce shrinkage, spot trends and automatically raise replenishment purchase orders.
Scan assets into and out of locations, on and off vehicles to ensure nothing is lost. View assets current and historical data for a full audit trail and easily manage maintenance schedules.

Tablets Included

Tablet computers for your mobile workers are provided with the Pro Pal subscription. They have accidental damage cover and telephone technical support. Meaning you get maximum benefit from mobile without extra work for your office staff or making a large capex outlay to acquire tablets.

On-Line Customer Portal

Provides the interface for immediate data availability that the larger contracts demand. Reduces customer support workload and provides a differentiating feature against your competitors.

Integration with existing systems

Pro Pal integrates not just with all major accounting packages but also any bespoke or legacy systems you may currently be running.

Management Dashboards & Reporting

Pro Pal efficiently captures and presents far more subtle and complete data than any manual system could ever be aware of.
Dashboards give you a live view of the business and alert you to areas where your attention is best directed.
Sophisticated reports on that data enable you to see and implement efficiency savings, spot trends and prevent problems.


T & H gain a live view of job status, reduce admin and improve customer communication with Pro Pal.

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