Air Conditioning

How Pro Pal Can Help You

Pro Pal is designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind and is set up to help save you time and money. As air conditioning fitters can spend a long time in the field working, the last thing they want to do is be filling in paperwork and getting tied down with admin.

We have highlighted below how Pro Pal can help your air conditioning business prosper:

Easy Job Sheets

Instead of filling in job sheets by hand, which can take precious time out of your day, Pro Pal enables you to do this easily and simply via the rugged handheld computer. You’re never in danger of losing them either as they are stored securely and backed up.

Complete More Jobs Each Day

Pro Pal sends new jobs out and receives completed jobs immediately. The time currently spent returning and collecting job sheets can instead be spent doing more jobs. Pro Pal shows you where your engineers are and what stage of the job they are at right now without you needing to interrupt their work with a phone call. All of which means more jobs completed each day.

Electronic Safety Certificates

As an air conditioning fitter you will no longer have to spend time filling in tedious paperwork as certificates can be created directly in Pro Pal in Acrobat PDF format and emailed directly to the customer saving time and expense.

Record Parts Used

Pro Pal includes a feature which allows you to record a part against a particular job and include the part number and cost as part of the expenses occurred when completing a job. This can be done quickly and simply either via the rugged handheld computer or the back office solution.

Save Time & Money

Pro Pal cuts down enormously on administration costs for your back office staff as well as saving your mobile workers valuable time logging and recording jobs. There is no need to hunt down elusive pieces of paperwork from missing jobs as a record of every job is automatically stored securely and immediately accessible and data is regularly backed up.

Photographic Proof Of Compliance

Pro Pal’s built in camera function allows you to take a snapshot of a job site which can be used as proof of the state of the site before, during and upon completion of your work. Also, in the event of a dispute or if the job site cannot be accessed for any reason then the photograph can act as a pictorial document outlining why.

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