What if you could hire someone with many lifetimes’ experience from hundreds of companies in your sector?

What if that person could work with total accuracy and never get tired?

What if they could control costs and improve cash flow?

What if that person could ensure that everything you do is documented, backed up and instantly available?

What if that person could implement industry best practice?

What if that person could anticipate your future needs and already have solutions lined up before you need them?

What if that person could improve the productivity, communication and morale of your whole team?

Pro Pal isn’t a person but it can do all of the above and more…

Pro Pal is a service solution that has been developed over decades to serve the needs of hundreds of companies in your sector. Whatever you need to do, Pro Pal already has it covered.

Pro Pal eliminates paper job sheets. They are quickly created just once and flow to engineers in the field and back again.

Pro Pal maintains complete awareness of your stock even down to the level on your vans. It knows what parts were used where and when to order more. Completed jobs details are available in the office the moment the work is done so you can invoice same day to improve cash flow.

Pro Pal means your staff always have their job sheets, method statements and risk assessments without returning to the office. All the info they collect and photos they take are instantly available to the office.

Pro Pal collects more data than any human could. Every journey, every job, every part, every success and every failure is there to analyse in easily understood reports that give you the insights to further improve your processes and improve your bottom line.

Pro Pal improves mobile worker productivity by an average 15% and reduces admin burden by an average of 60%. It collects and shares information without phone calls back and forth, miscommunications and misunderstandings. It leaves everyone with the information they need, the moment they need it.

…all for the cost of an apprentice.

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