CTrack tracks vehicles and actively improves driver behaviour.

Knows where your vehicles are

Knows how they are being driven.

Encourages economical driving to reduce running costs

saves 5 times its cost

…by saving fuel, reducing insurance premiums and reducing vehicle wear and tear.

Here’s how:

Driver behaviour monitoring

CTrack records vehicle location, acceleration, braking and cornering.

The system knows if the driving style is aggressive or sympathetic.

Sympathetic driving reduces fuel use, wear and tear, insurance premiums and legal risk.

Simple, immediate, actionable

Live driver behaviour scores

Notifications by email mean you can intervene immediately

Online reporting easily allows you to spot trends, reduce poor driving and reward good driving

Incentivise good behaviour

In-vehicle device gives live feedback to driver on their driving style

Live feedback rewards safe economical driving

Driver scoring league encourages staff to compete to be the best driver

Protect your business, protect your margins, protect yourself

Ensure driver behaviour protects your business’ reputation

Encourage fuel and maintenance efficient driving

Should the worst happen CTrack helps prove you’ve met your legal commitments.

Ctrack pays you back

5 x return on investment from day 1.

Fuel use, tyre wear, insurance premiums, vehicle maintenance…

You may be used to paying for these things but that doesn’t make them an inevitable fact of life.

You can do something about it.

As soon as someone knows they are being watched, their behaviour changes.

Give them a target to shoot for and they’ll continually improve.

This translates to reduction in fuel use, tyre and brake pad wear and maintenance cost as well as improved vehicle life…

…it all adds up.

All these savings add up to at least 5 times CTrack’s cost.

It literally pays to improve driver behaviour.

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