Pro Pal benefits for accountants

Pro Pal is a mobile job management  solution for the trades such as plumbers and electricians or anyone who has operatives out on the road doing jobs at varied locations.

If you have clients that fit this profile, these experiences may be familiar:

  • Having often grown from just one tradesperson’s self-employment into a company of many people; systems can be fragmentary, prone to loss due to paper record keeping and simply not fit for their current scale.
  • The off-the-top-of-the-head and the seat-of-the-pants approach of management which helped this client grow isn’t such an asset when it comes to keeping and providing the meticulous records you require.
  • Cash flow issues due to slow admin and invoicing, juggling of money and resources to meet the demands of the moment and inconsistencies in approach mean a lot time with this client is spent just untangling the mess.

Pro Pal solves those problems

  • Everything is recorded digitally with no paper to be typed up or lost; from job creation through completion on-site to invoicing. Stock is tracked, everything is auditable and process is applied consistently throughout the business.
  • Data from Pro Pal feeds into your client’s accounts package (such as Sage, Xero and QuickBooks), giving you and your client a live, up-to-the-minute view of their business.
  • You know that everything was recorded and is present and correct so no surprises at the end of year.

The benefit of implementing Pro Pal for you may be significant but the benefit to your clients is far broader:

  • Reducing admin and paperwork in the office
  • Invoicing the moment work is complete, improving cash flow
  • Using photos of work done to prevent client disputes
  • Reducing errors and loss of job sheets
  • Scheduling work responsively and efficiently

In fact Pro Pal saves our average client £320 per month, per employee via efficiency improvements while also providing systems that scale for growth.

Working with us

  • We are keen to work with you to make this positive and productive improvement for your clients.
  • We respect your role as a trusted advisor and will only approach your client following your introduction.

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