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5 most significant benefits to your bottom line from Field Service Automation

By February 7, 2018April 26th, 2018No Comments

featben-clip Achieving more jobs per day

A mobile worker that has all their jobs sent to a mobile device at the start of the day can go straight to the first job, without dropping off or collecting paperwork at base.  Admin staff can see their progress without interrupting their workflow. All the information they need is sure to be with them and can be updated live.

This maximises the time your mobile workers spend on actual chargeable work.

featben-tabletA huge reduction in admin burden

How much of your admin department’s day is spent just pushing data around?  Typing up handwritten job sheets? Copying information from one document or system to next? Chasing mobile workers for information? Field Service Automation means info is only ever input once and it flows from there to everyone who needs it, be they in the office or out on the road.

This results in an average reduction in admin time of 60%, freeing those staff to serve the needs of the business and its customers more creatively and completely.

featben-schedule More intelligent scheduling

Good scheduling has a large human component but Field Service Automation can be a very effective assistant. Filtering staff by proximity, skill set or van stock clears away the clutter, helping you focus on the most effective use of resources. The ability to change schedules as the day develops makes you more agile.

It’s not just saving your scheduler’s time and sanity. Better scheduling means reductions in overtime, fewer wasted journeys, shorter routes and happier mobile workers.

integrateA better view of your business

We make decisions based upon the information available to us; Field Service Automation provides vastly more information with many more perspectives than a paper based system ever could. You need to see the fine detail when fine tuning a business to minimise waste and maximise efficacy.

This new view of your business enables you to make those informed decisions that will improve your profitability.

featben-reportsImproved Cash Flow

How long does it take you to invoice from the completion of work? Do job sheets have to be returned to base, typed up, inconsistencies queried, accounting package updated?

Imagine the difference to your cash flow if you could invoice in one click the minute the job is complete.

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